2 thoughts on “1863 Coffee Saloon & Café Closing

  1. Upon “finding” 1863, it became a place I proudly shared with family and many friends. Your welcoming spirit gave many opportunities to sit over a cup of coffee and a bowl of loaded oatmeal or breakfast sandwich, and share our personal stories, ideas, plans and hopes.
    1863 was (IS) not just a restaurant and coffee saloon! It is a much needed place of respite and connection to our inner selves and deepest concerns.
    I’m sure no customer has been able to “solve the problems of the world”, but at least there was a safe and peaceful place to TRY!

    I personally, will miss the BEST meeting place in and around EAGLE!

    Bless you as you move forward and prayers that you understand what a GIFT you have been to our community.

  2. While there are other coffee shops relatively close that I can fall back on, they aren’t local coffee shops. They aren’t my coffee shop. 1863 felt like a place where the community of eagle could come together any time they felt like it. It was a place to hang out and relax. You felt at home there. It helped make our little village that much more special. Not gonna lie. It’s gonna be hard no longer having that place in my life. To have that special part of Eagle be gone so soon.

    You were here for us. Now we’ll all be here for you till the end.

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